"The Last Working Stripping Shovel"

Bucyrus Erie 1050B

Photos and Information courtesy of:
 Keith Haddock

Nice view of the 1050B,looking down the cut.


I've had several people write to me and ask "How many stripping shovels are still working in the U.S. ? ." Well, as of today (10/08/00), the answer is ONE. With the Silver Spade parked for repairs and awaiting permits, the Lynnville 5900 sitting parked , and a few others sitting around: the last WORKING stripping shovel is the Bucyrus Erie 1050B shown here.

Located at the Industry Mine in Industry Illinois, the machine is owned by the Freeman United Coal Mining Company. Built in 1960, the 1050B previously worked at the Banner Mine in Illinois, for the same Company.

According to Keith Haddock, the 1050B will be in operation for at least another year, Beyond that, it's hard to say what will become of this machine.