Bucyrus Erie 3270W's


Photo by : Fred Monger

BE 3270W ( Lot-1 )

Only two Bucyrus Erie 3270W's were ever produced, and Amax Coal was the proud owner of both of them. The two machines were built almost at the same time, with the lot-1 machine starting work just a few weeks earlier than the Lot-2 machine.

Both machines had 176 Yd. buckets on 330 Ft. booms and both weighed in at around 17 1/2 million pounds. The lot-1 machine was located at Amax's Delta Mine in Marion, Illinois, while the Lot-2 was built for Amax's ayrshire Mine, near Chandler Indiana.

Photo By: David Hope

BE 3270W ( Lot-2 )

The quickest way to tell them apart is the round venting ducts on the rear of the lot-2 machine.


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