.Let me begin by thanking each of you for visiting the "Stripmine.Org" I'm honestly amazed at the number of visitors I've had, and the positive comments I've received about the site. Initially this site was just intended to be my personal tribute to the massive machines that have worked the coal fields of the world, but since the site was started, it's quickly become something more.

It's clear that I'm not the only person out there who is deeply interested in these giant machines, and the interest seems to be growing daily. this interest is changing stripmine.org from a personal effort of mine to a group effort of all of those who visit the page. Pictures being sent , and suggestions coming in, are turning this into an "interactive" Web site.

More and more, the content of these pages is coming from the regulars who visit the site. These contributions give each of us a chance to see machines that we might never get to see in life. I welcome these pictures and stories, and eagerly add them to the site as they arrive.

Anyone who has pictures of strip mining equipment ( working or parked ) and would like to be a "part" of the stripmine.org is invited to contact me at the address below. By sharing our pictures and stories, we can keep the content of the strip mine changing, giving us all something new to look at every few weeks.