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Thanks to Jeff Solley for the Pictures and Newspaper article about Big Joe

This marion 8050 was working near Leesburg, PA. (Mercer)in July 1990.It's new home is now in Colorado,Since 1992.


For six years, Big Joe was a landmark in Lawrence County PA. . Working in the western Pennsylvania coal foelds for Adobe mining, This Marion 8050 was somewhat of a local "celebrity". When he worked near the highway, he caught the eye of many travellers, who just had to stop for a closer look.

Joe's days in Pennsylvania are long since over, but he was one of the lucky few. In these days of large pieces of equipment being scrapped because of the "cost of relocation", Joe was the exception ... He found his way to a new mine site in Colorado. As far as I know, Big Joe is still working today. I'll try to find out a little more about his new job, and will post it here as soon as I do.


For more info about joe, I've included a newspaper article about him from the "New Castle News", and I copy of his spec sheet. ( see the links below.)

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"Big Joe" working at night !

 Photos by Blake Malkamaki.

See an article about Big Joe,

From " The New Castle News"

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