More Estevan Pictures

From Steve Wolken

The Prarie Queen. (Bucyrus Erie 1570W)


The P&H 9020 has not yet been named. However, most of the other draglines at the Luscar mines have names. The BE 2570W is called Big Lou. The Marion 8750 is called Estevan Eagle. The BE1570W is called Prairie Queen. The Ransomes-Rapier W1800 is called Shand.

 2 idle draglines are the Bienfait Eagle (BE 1570W) and Mr. Climax (Marion 7800)

2 "retired" draglines I saw parked and rusting are a Marion 7400 and a BE1570W (name unknown).

Let's start with Big Lou. When I arrived a crew was working on repairing one of the intermediate support ropes (pics 1-3). The next day it and Prairie Queen were in action (pic 5)

The rest of the Big Lou and Prairie Queen photos should be self explanatory (pics 6-18).

I have also included some other photos that may be of interest (pics 19-32).