Brutus (Marion 7820)

A recent picture

Here you can plainly see the achor points welded to Brutus's Tub. This is where the cables and pulleys will be attached when they try to flip the overturned dragline.

I've had several people contact me and ask about the current situation with Brutus, The Marion 7820 dragline that flipped recently in western Pennsylvania...

Well, Here's what I've heard so far.

They've decided not to scrap the machine, instead, they are going to try to save as much as possible and rebuild it. The boom and masts were destroyed in the rollover, and have been cut off and pulled away from the machine. They've began work to flip the machine and are well under way.

The plan is to bury the draglines three buckets about 20 feet deep, with cabled attached to them, to use as anchor points. They've also filled in below the machines counterweight. They plan to attach cables and snatch blocks to the front of the tub, and gently roll it over the counterweight, back onto its base.

By rolling it on the counterweight, they won't have nearly as much weight to try to lift when they try to flip it back upright. This also applies for the Motor generator sets, which are located at the rear of the machinery house. Since they are located so far to the rear, the leverage effect is kept to a minimum.

I don't know what they're planning on pulling with, but it seems to me that with the approach they're using, and all of the excess weight removed from the front of the machine, a few D11's with the right rigging should have no trouble in getting the machine back "On it's feet"