The Bucyrus International

Heavy Equipment Line-Up

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When Bucyrus purchased The Marion Power Shovel Company, it combined the world's two premiere dragline manufacturers into one strong, global company. Today, Bucyrus offers customers a number of diesel or electric models rated up to 362,880 kg (800,000 lbs) suspended load and with a wide selection of the features customers want most. For more information on how a Bucyrus dragline can meet your needs, contact us today.

Bucyrus 680-W

Bucyrus 1260-W

Bucyrus (Rapier) W2000

Bucyrus 1300-W

Bucyrus 1370-W

Marion 7820

Bucyrus 1570-W

Marion 8050

Bucyrus 2570-W

Marion 8200

Bucyrus 2570-WS

Marion 8750


 Features unique to Bucyrus shovel designs include twin hoist ropes, tubular dipper handle, independent rope crowd and retract system and in-house machinery deck location of crowd machinery and more. Contact us for more information about why Bucyrus shovels lead the industry with features guaranteed to improve productivity.

Marion 182M

Bucyrus 195-B

Bucyrus 295-B

Bucyrus 395-BIII

Bucyrus 495-BI

Bucyrus 595-B


 Bucyrus manufactures electric rotary blasthole drills with the most innovative features on the market, including programmed drill control, rack and pinion pull-down, hydrostatic propel drives and more. Contact us today for more information about any of our performance-packed drills! 

Bucyrus 39R

Bucyrus 49R

Bucyrus 59R