By: Dave Dauksha


Silver Spade T-Shirt.
 By Dave Dauksha

Have you ever wanted to have a tee shirt with your favorite
Dragline or shovel on it?  Maybe a D11R, or the Terex Titan? Well now YOU CAN.  Dave Dauksha, a crane operator, has decided to share his other talent with us.. "Air Brushing", and it's  one I think we all can enjoy. 

"Big Muskie" T-Shirt.
 By Dave Dauksha

Dave will do custom tee shirts of any subject you want, though he prefers to do Heavy Equipment.   All he needs is a GOOD picture to work from and a little time, and your tee shirt is as good as done.

DeMag Crane T-Shirt.
 By Dave Dauksha

Tee shirt prices start at :

One side:  $45.00

Both sides: $55.00

Shipping costs will be determined at the time of the sale.

If you are interested in a shirt, E-mail Dave Dauksha: