This model has a full size off-board operators cab. This cab used to have swing pedals, but has since been replaced with joystick controls.

There are 3 SCR packages, all of the 8 thyristor, single phase input type. The same as the 8750 model.

Hoist, drag and propel motions are all voltage regulator with current limits. Swing is a current regulator with voltage limit.

The steel cables are 6 x 42 fibre core 700 lb test. The same as the 8750 model.

 This model also includes an hour meter to keep track of running time and a step counter to keep track of every step this model takes. A log book is also kept on this model.

This model required 14 years to build. Parts of this model were made in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, North Africa, South Africa, The United States or wherever I (Jim) was building the big Marion machines. As you can see from the places I’ve been, it took a while to complete.


 Scale 24 to 1

DC hoist motor-1

Weight-1500 lbs.

DC drag motor-1

Weight of counterballast-300 lbs. lead shot

DC swing motor-1

Boom-13 ft. 6 in

DC propel motors-2

Gantry-Fairlead tower, Mast and links

Length of walking step-3.5 inches

Hoist cables-2

Miniature operators cab-1

Drag cables-2

65 cu. yd. scaled Marion bucket

Power input-120 VAC

Color-Red and White

Four Quadrant DC drive

Name- Abe, named after my father