This model has an off board full size operators cab with swing pedals. This cab has full instrumentation . Zero center, 250 degree DC volt and ammeters , for use in electrical training. These meters are set up so one can see power draw and re-generation of electricity. Same as on the big machines.

This model also has an ON BOARD joystick control. You can actually ride on board and swing with the model. This is reality, not a video game or tv set-up, this is as real as it gets. The on board control and portable seat can be located on the left side like Marion cabs, or the right side like Bucyrus-Erie cabs. The on board control can also be hand held to operate the model remotely.

The model has fail safe brakes, spring set, electric release. Hoist, lower, drag and payout limits operate the same as on the full size machine.

All interlocking of electrical circuits is identical to the full size machine. The hoist, drag and propel motions are voltage regulated with current limit. The swing motion is a current regulator with voltage limit.

All three SCR packages ore of the 8 thyristor type single phase input, full reversing, full wave DC output and four quadrant drive. The same relay logic, isolation transformers are included in the miniature system.

An MG starting panel with push buttons, pilot lights, and meters simulates the starting of exciter MG sets, main MG sets, and cooling blowers. There is over 3000 ft. of electrical wiring on the model.

The boom has 6 main pendant cables and 2 intermediate support cables. The boom lights come on one row at a time automatically. The boom can be reaved and raised exactly like the full size machines with all electrical circuit changes made. In my career with Marion Power Shovel and Dragline World Consulting, I have raised or lowered approximately 99 booms.

The steel cables are 6x42 stranding, 1/8" fibre core. 700 lb. breaking strength. This is the most flexible cable ever made in this size to the best of my knowledge.

The four boom point sheaves are in two cradles and operate the same as the big ones. The four fairleads are also set up to operate exactly the same as their big brothers. The gear boxes are so real that they even leak oil just like the big ones!

Each walking shoe on the model weighs 80 lb. The bucket weighs 43 lb. Loaded with dry material, the weight raises to 70 lb. and 100 lb. with wet material.

An hour meter and step counter are on this model to keep records for maintenance purposes. A log book is also kept.

This model required 3 years to build and was finished in 1985. It has been in operation ever since.




  Scale-24 to 1

DC drag motor-1

 Weight-3700 lb.

DC hoist motor-1

Weight of tub-520 lb

DC swing motor -1

Weight of counter ballast-500 lb. lead shot

DC propel motors-2

  Boom-18 ft

Cooling fans-6

 Tri-structure style machine

Length of walking step-3.5 inches

Hoist cables-4

 Miniature operators cabs-2

Drag cables-4

115 cu yd scaled Esco bucket

Power input-120VAC

Color- Yellow, White and Blue

Four quadrant DC drive

  Name-Aggie, named after my mother