About Dragline World




Dragline World is a training center used to train heavy equipment operators or electrical personnel on any full electric walking draglines or crawler shovels. We are also open to tour groups, schools, colleges, and technical schools. So far we have had visitors from all over the world.

 Dragline World has been featured on KDKA TV news and in articles from World Mining.

The building that houses Dragline World is just over 3000 sq. ft. with about 525 tons of screened earth for the models to work in.

The training models consist of two walking draglines and one crawler shovel. All three are full electric control and have their own off board full size operators cabs. The largest model in the building, the Marion 8750 also has an on board cab with joystick controls. All three machines operate exactly the same as the full size machines.

We also train electrical people from the mines on the four quadrant DC electrical drive systems since the models feature this system and are so exact.

These models are also available and have been used for research and development. Esco Corporation of Portland Oregon has made small buckets to fit the 8750 and has used our facilities for research and development. Don Schmidt also used Dragline Worlds facilities in the early stages of development of thier rear dumping dragline bucket.

(for more info on the " Rear Dumping "dragline bucket, click here)

In Dragline World you can make the mistakes you are not allowed to make on the full size machines and get away with it! You will not be hurt or killed from a mistake. Also, you will not cause millions of dollars damage to a multi-million dollar machine.

Everything here is real, this is not a video or tv setup, this is reality.

Since all three models can operate at the same time , we can have three operators learning at the same time. With three models running at the same time it can get very dusty inside the building. A large ventilation fan has been installed to take care of that problem. Since there are no windows in the building we can also operate at night. We use the lighting packages on the models themselves to simulate night operations. Also, inside the building is colored stage lighting that can provide for a variety sunrise, sunset, or night scenes.

We can lay out pit operations in any way you choose, Your Way, not on a computer, but for real using 525 tons of earth.

Mining is our main theme but we do have a working model of one of the cableways that built the Glenn Canyon Dam at Page Arizona. The model is 84 ft. long and 20 ft. high. This model is also four quadrant DC drive and operates from a full size operators cab.