David Hope's

Mining Scenes

All pictures and accompanying notes from: David Hope


I was recently contacted by David Hope, and in his letter, he said that he had a few pictures he'd like to share with those of us here at the Stripmine. I immeadiately wrote him back, and said I'd love to see the pictures. Within a week, i was seated here, scanning these pictures, and was absolutely amazed by some of them. Thankfully david, a 38 year veteran in the Peabody Coal Company's (PCC) mines, has snapped a few pictures over the years and is now giving all of us to see a few of the sights he's seen over the years.

I'm sure you'll all enjoy the pictures as much as I have, and on behalf of all fo us, I'd like to say " Thanks David ".


I've included the notes David enclosed with the pictures, after reading them, I think you'll understand why.