The Appalachian Lady

    Bucyrus Erie 1260W

Photos Contributed by: Eric Fleisher

Eric contacted me recently, and asked if I'd be interested in some pictures of a dragline he first saw years ago, and had recently tracked down again. Well it didn't take me long to write him back with a definite yes.

The pictures are of "The Appalachian Lady" A Bucyrus Erie 1260W walking dragline.

According to George Anderson's Book, ( 100 booming years, A History Of The Bucyrus Erie Company), the machine was bought new by the
" K&J " coal company. It started work in May 1978 near Westover, Pennsylvania. The Lady carried a 260' Boom and swung a 32 yard bucket.

From the location of the town of westover, I'd say that the Lady was stripping bituminous, from one of the deep mines in the area.