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The Mountaineer, like so many other massive shovels, spent it's lifetime working the coal fields around Cadiz, Ohio. Officially designated the "Marion 5760, the mountaineer was assembled in the mid-1950's, and began her working life in January 1956. She continued to work the area, until 1979, when she was parked. For nearly ten tears she sat idle before the decision was made to dismantle her. The machine, a local celebrity, gained regional ( if not national) attention in the early 70's, when after completing work in one coalfield, she had to be moved across a major interstate highway. After being granted permission by the state of ohio, coal company employees cover the interstate with about 30 feet of dirt, walked her across and then cleaned up the highway. Amazingly, all of this work was completed in a single night.

 Pictures of the crossing.


For more info about the highway crossing, and pictures of the event, Visit Scott Rhamey's Giant Earthmover Page.


The Mountaineer's Spec's:



160' to the top of the work platform on the boom


5,500,000 pounds (2750 tons)

Dipper capacity:

60 cubic yards

Total combined horsepower:

12,000 produced by 16 electric motors, requiring 7200 volts.

Other Interesting features:

290' operating radius

2 2 1/2 " steel cables attached to the dipper. requiring 4 450H.P. motors to lift the dipper

Automatic greasing system, through pressure piping, greased the machine at timed intervals.

Automatic leveling system allowed the machine to work uneven ground


Above:  Perhaps the most significant feature of the mountaineer, was her internal elevator. This allowed personnel to travel from the stationary lower platform to the revolving upper structure without stopping the machine.


Below: One of the 450 h.P. Drag and lift motors.