Photo By: KeithHaddock

Those of you interested in saving draglines and stripping shovels for museum purposes will enjoy this.

A retired Bucyrus Erie 1150B Dragline, known as "ODDBALL", has recently been moved and will be preserved as a museum piece. The machine had been idle for ten years, when preservationists had it restored to operating condition and walked it to it's resting place.

According to recent posts by Keith Haddock on the HCEA's information board, Oddball started it's life in Phillipi, West Virginia in 1948. In 1950, the machine was dismantled and shipped to England, and reconstructed at The St. Aidens Opencast Mine. I asume that this is where it worked until beining retired more than ten years ago.

Recently a group, known as:

"The Friends of the St. Aidens BE 1150 Dragline"

had the dragline moved and began the preservation efforts. For More info on Oddball, contact the "friends" at:

Dr. Ivor Brown

95 manygates Ln.

Sandal, wakefield

WF2 7DL United Kingdom

Ph. 011-44-1924-257137

The move was video taped, and copies are available for sale at :


A brief description of the video's contents can be found at:


Please contact me, if you have any additional info on ODDBALL