Bucyrus Erie 1050B

Freeman United's Industry Mine
 Industry, Illinois

Photo by Keith Haddock

     A personal Favorite of mine, The Bucyrus Erie 1050B is truly a unique machine.  Besides being the oldest stripping shovel in existance, it's also the only machine left with the counterbalanced hoist.

     Twelve  1050B's were produced Between 1941 and 1960. These machines carried dippers between 33 and 45 yards and were giants at the time of their first appearance in 1941.

     This  Machine, shown working at Freeman United's Industry Mine near Industry Illinois, worked until the fall 0f 2003, when production at the mine was halted.  Today only reclamation is going on at the mine, and as the mines permit nears it's end, a decision will be made regarding it's future. At present it doesn't look good, scrap prices are up and as of now, I've not heard of any new permits being issued, for the machine to continue working.