Marion 5900

Peabody's Lynnville Mine:
 Lynnville, Indiana

Photo By: Paul

     The Marion 5900 Shovel was one of only 2 5900's produced by the Marion Power Shovel Company. This Shovel spent it's life at Peabody Coal Company's Lynnville Mine, Lynnville Indiana, until it was retired in 1998.

     This machine is the last Marion Shovel in existance, and  the only reminder of a day gone by when 2 major competitors fought to make the biggest and the best.  The Competition between Marion and it's rival Bucyrus Erie Co.  gave us a series of "worlds largest" machines, and drove coal production numbers to record highs as well.

     Shown here, sitting where it was parked, the machine has recently been scheduled for scrapping. If an effort can be started soon, and enough interest shown, and sufficient funds raised, this giant can be saved.  If you are interested in helping with the preservation of any machine, please join us in the Preservation Forum on this site.