A Visit to
RFI Energy

Photos by: Dave Hopper

Looking over Harley's Shoulder as he was digging.

I didn't want to bother Harley while he was digging, so Jeff and I talked to Justin (J.J.), the oiler on the drag, and watched Harley work his magic on the spoil pile.

Coal Mining is a way of life in the area, and a family tradition,  Justin's father use to run a grader at the mine, and now, the coal industry is supporting Justins family as well.

Besides providing coal, this operation is providing job for around 50 people in the area,  and is an important part of the local economy. RFI Energy realizes this, and Dan Fescemyer, ( the owner) works hard to ensure that his employees have work to do and contracts to fill.

RFI Energy's Marion 7820

Sloping the Spoil Pile, 

Fairlead sheaves, thru the rainy window