A Visit to
RFI Energy

Photos by: Dave Hopper

Harley Again, 

In the middle of our visit, however, An Emergency call to Jeff, meant that we had to cut our visit short, and leave immeadiately. we exchanged phone numbers with Harley and headed out to deal with a family emergency.


About 2 hours later, I received a calll from Harley, asking if we'd like to come back in the morning, for a better visit.  Harley had called Dan, and told him about his unexpected guests, and asked if it was OK for us to come back, and Dan said yes. Totaly surprised at how things were working out, I said "SURE".. and let Jeff know that we needed to change plans a bit. 

RFI Energy's Marion 7820

Arriving the following morning, the 7820 was hard at work

The Next Morning we arrived a little after 8AM and  Harley was preparing the bench,  I really liked the view of the drag, against the  morning sky.

We went inside and said "Hi" to harley, and shortly afterward Pit Supervisor Terry Guntrum arrived.  Terry was there to have a safety talk with us, before we could  wander too far from Harley's office.   Terry Explained the operation to us, and asnwered all of our questions, and stressed the safety issues we faced while at the site.

After the safety meeting, Jeff and Terry  had a long talk about the mining activity in the area, and a lot of mutual friends,   so I just slipped out of the office to start taking pictures.

The 992D and D11R were working in close, so I found a nice vantage point on the catwalk and pulled out the camera.

It's a little hard to see him in there, but that's "Butchy" on the D11R,