A Visit to
RFI Energy

Photos by: Dave Hopper

Parked BE1300W Dragline

One of the last things that we got to do, was to go get a look at this parked Bucyrus Erie 1300W. She's got higher hours than the 7820, and was a lease machine, so she gets to sit back and rest while the Marion continues digging.

I'm not sure what the plans are for this machine, but I hope it gets a chance to dig again.

RFI Energy's Marion 7820

Sure would be nice to see this old girl working again.

I'm going to wrap this up for now, but before i do, I want to thank everyone at RFI Energy for their hospitality and for a visit that will not be forgotten.

Though they didn't all get photographed, I'd especially like to thank the guys who were working during our visit. Blacky, Butchy, Tim, Justin,  Bob Corbet, Terry Guntrum, and Harley...  I had a great time,  Sure hope to make it back soon.

Mainly though, I need to thank Dan, for allowing us to spend time on the site, and take pictures for all of us to share.   This is an industry that takes place largely out of view of the general public,  and there are plenty of people who would just like to see what goes on in a mine, thanks to Dan, we had the chance to see for ourselves and show you as well.

I hope to make it back up to Pennsylvania, to  see the site (and the people) again, But Next time, I'll call ahead and let you know that I'm coming


All of the pictures from the visit are available 
at the stripmine photo Gallery, HAVE A LOOK

Closing up the cab windows and removing the catwalks has protected this drag from vandals. She looks ready to work.


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