Vintage Page Draglines

Photos Courtesy of Ted Hammond

Special "THANKS" go to Ted Hammond for these great pictures. Ted recently had the chance to look at a 1941 Page Walking Dragline Pamplet. Thankfully, he scanned a few pictures and sent them to me.These neat older pictures are getting harder to find, so I really appreciate the fact that he kept "The Strip mine" in mind. I know that I really enjoy the pics, and I'm sure all of you will to. Thanks again, Ted, Keep us in mind if you find any more pics.

Great View of a Page 634 working ..... Stripping Coal.

Page 625 (???)

Owned by Edwardsport Excavating Company Edwardsport, Ind..

  125' Boom 7 yard bucket

We're pretty sure this Page is a model 620, any thoughts?

Dippel Brothers at Raven Run, Penn.

  100' Boom 4 Yard Bucket

Page 615

  Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging working Erie Canal

  90' Boom 3.25 yard bucket


Since Neither ted or I are certain of the models shown, any help would be appreciated. If you can help, Email me at