Cover of the 1937 Bucyrus Erie 950B sales brochure.

These pictures and related info, are from the 1937 Bucyrus Erie sales booklet for the 950B.

Copyright BUCYRUS-ERIE CO. 1937


I've always been fascinated by with the Bucyrus Erie stripping shovels such as the 950B & 1050B. The huge sliding counterweight and it's support structure make these older shovels very interesting machines.

Unfortunately, finding info on these older machines can be a challange.

I've looked for some time, with no luck. But this time, Ebay came to the rescue. I found this booklet for sale and was lucky enough to be the winning bidder. Now that I've got my info, I thought I'd share it with those of you who may also be fascinated with these older machines.