Mining Equipment 
Database Project

In response to activity on the message board, and the continual flow of information there, I've decided to develop a mining equipment information database.

The intent is to make available as much information on current and past machines. These will include Draglines, Stripping Shovels, Loading Shovels, Blast Hole Drills, Loaders and Mining Excavators. At Present I am excluding Mining Trucks and Large Dozers, to to their large numbers.

For this to be successful, I need information from the users of this website, about any machines that they  may have had contact with. I have created a form for the sumbission of this information, a link is at the bottom of this page.

I need this information to be accurate, so when submitting info, please leave blank, any information that you are not certain of. It is NOT necessary to complete every line, Just fill in the ones that you know.

When filling out the form, use the mouse or the "TAB" key to move between spaces. do not use the enter key until you are done. Hitting "enter" at any time while filling out the form, will cause the partially completed form to be submitted..

To Submit Information, Please use this form.

Equipment Information submission Form.

The results are availavle online HERE, and will be updated as new information becomes available.

As this project has just started, the current amount of information is small, but new sumissions are coming in every day, so check back occasionally for the latest info.


Current revision 1/26/2009 @ 12:30 AM EST

Please Note, 

Not all of the information on the Bucyrus Erie 2570 Machines has been entered, I have some conflicting information, and I'm trying to sort it out before adding it to the list.