A Visit to
RFI Energy

Photos by: Dave Hopper

A full bucket, it looks HUGE when it's being pulled up close.

It's quite a show when you can watch an operation like this, These guys work well together  and it was a pleasure to sit there and watch.

After a while, I went back inside to talk with Terry and Jeff some more. Harley and Terry were telling us about Dans recent concerns for the safety of the kids in the local  school playground, since it was very close to a main road.  RFI Energy paid for and erected a fence around the playground, to keep the kids safely in their play area, and keep out unwanted  visitors.  I was really impressed, you hear a lot of talk about concerns for the safety of our children, but here was a man not talking about it.. he was doing something about it.  Though I didn't get a chance to meet Dan, I've got to admire him for his respect for his employees, and concern for ther community, he's setting an example that more people should follow.

RFI Energy's Marion 7820

Here comes Butchy again, with a full blade.

Blacky and Butchy were working on clearing out this corner.