A Visit to
RFI Energy

Photos by: Dave Hopper

We Climbed off the drag, and went out to get some shots of the operation,  I like this view of the 7820 working, takern from a nearby spoil pile.

Well, after a while, the BS session was over and Jeff and I set out to get some pictures and see the rest of the operation. Our first stop was a hill overlooking the drag, we knew there would be some great shots waiting for us up there.. and we were right.

RFI Energy's Marion 7820

Here's a nice view of the 7820, from the other end of the pit.

Our next stop was at the other end of the pit, for a head on view of the 7820 at work.  Watching this old girl dig from this point of view is a real treat.  That's the only drawback to a machine this size,  you have to step back a little to get the whole thing in a picture.

Built in 1972, this drag has been a real workhorse over the years.